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    Gain control of suppliers and surgical products coming in and out of your OR and storage areas through standardized processes.

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simplOR's goal is to provide healthcare facilities the leverage to reduce costs, while standardizing the supply chain for implant and instrument inventory and improving efficiencies for surgical procedures. Through standardized processes, trained supply chain staff and software technology, we centralize inventory management. 

By supporting surgeons and medical device sales reps with our services, healthcare providers can realize significant advantages. 

Less Foot Traffic

Reduce unnecessary foot traffic and risk for infection with a single team to manage all medical device supplier implants.

Inventory Optimization 

Improved procurement efficiency through inventory and medical device supplier optimization.

Improved OR Service Delivery

Enhanced inventory stocking and case support resulting in less surgical case delays and/or cancellations.

Better Support

Ensure you get the products and clinical support you need for each case without product bias, constant turnover, or sales incentives.


Inventory Management & Case Support

Through the optimization and standardization of surgical services, simplOR's services allow healthcare providers to focus on what truly matters- patient health and safety. 

Every hospital system, surgery center and medical device supplier has their own unique challenges- which is why simplOR takes an custom approach to provide a tailored solution.

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Partnering with 38+ Medical 

Device Suppliers

Supporting 5,500+ 

Surgical Cases

Covering Surgical Inventory and Cases at 25+ hospitals

Hospitals and Surgery Centers

Benefits include:

• Software enabled supply chain processes management

• Reduced foot traffic and infection risk

• Improved procurement efficiency

• Better inventory stocking and case support

• Less surgical case delays and cancellations

Looking to:        

• Standardize surgical procedures to ensure supply chain accuracy

• Maintain a safe and sterile environment with less foot traffic

• Realize opportunities to reduce costs

• Put patient health and safety first

Medical Device Suppliers

Benefits include:

• Reduced sales rep workload

• Supplier staff optimization to achieve cost savings

• More cost predictability due to flat fee model

Looking to:

• Spend more time selling

• Spend less time in the OR and storage areas

• Gain additional clinical assistance in healthcare facilities