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The Medical Device Sales Rep Role

Medical device sales is unlike any other sales position--it's fast paced and often chaotic. A typical day consists of driving back and fourth to hospitals, restocking inventory, attending surgical cases, and selling to surgeons (when they get a free moment). 

Medical device sales reps have three core functions to their role: selling, inventory management and clinical support. How are your medical device sales reps managing their time?

Today's medical device sales reps only spend 15% of their time selling. In most cases their role responsibilities include:


  • Make calls

  • Conduct sales meetings

  • Attend sales trainings

  • Navigate product approvals

  • Perform in-services

    Inventory Management

    • Coordinate the ordering of supplier implants and instruments

    • Receive trays at the facility

    • Move trays to the sterilization department

    • Manage paperwork

    • Ensure everything is ready for the start of the case

    • Verify product usage and coordinate replenishment

    • Restock or return used trays

    • Handle loaner trays to ensure proper return

    • Maintain stock inventory when applicable

      Clinical Support

      • Attending clinical and technical training

      • Anticipate tray and instrument needs

      • Fill out the necessary paperwork

      • Send to supplier rep and request restocks

        SimplOR— A new solution that's supporting medical device sales reps in the healthcare facility and OR.

        With simplOR, sales reps and suppliers have access to a team of inventory management and trained clinical support to ensure your meeting healthcare facility needs. Through our specialized team and custom solutions, we help standardize and provide additional support for inventory management and surgical cases.

        Inventory Management

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        Case Support 

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        Benefits to Partnering with simplOR

        Reduced sales rep workload, allowing for focus on value generating activities only

        Supplier staff optimization to achieve cost savings

        More cost predictability due to flat fee model

        What inventory or clinical challenges can simplOR help you solve? 

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