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UDI: Industry Benefits and Challenges

Once integrated, manufacturers, distributors, hospitals, doctors, and patients will all gain access to data that allows them to recognize trends and meet long term demands.

Transformations in Healthcare

One of the most promising aspects of this development is public access to information thr...

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Operating Room Supply Costs in Orthopaedic Trauma: Cost Containment Opportunities

Summary: In the current health care environment, cost containment is more important than ever. Most physicians currently are unaware of the cost of operating room supplies. A large amount of waste occurs secondary to lack of knowledge and absence of physician incentives for cost savin...

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Separating Sales from Service

Hospital CEO David Hefner came up with the idea about a decade ago for a partnership between an academic medical center and a medical device manufacturer that could enhance access to the latest technology, improve outcomes for patients and lower the hospital's overall costs.

The biggest problem ...

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UDI Compliance

The new year is nearly here.

If you make sparkling wine, then you’re probably excited about the new year, as bubbly is bound to be in demand. If you’re an orthopedic medical device manufacturer grappling with compliance ahead of the FDA’s UDI Final Rule effective dates, however, you might be feeling ...

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