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Access to a dedicated team of trained, on-site clinical professionals to reduce the risk for infection and improve patient health and safety through surgical case support. 

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Supporting surgeons and medical device sales reps in the OR with simplOR trained clinical staff to manage surgical cases.

Surgical Case Support 

simplOR can optimize the use of medical sales reps by managing surgical cases in coordination with the surgical team and medical device sales reps. We understand each surgical case is unique, depending upon surgeon discretion and medical device sales rep availability. Our team of on-site, specialized clinical professionals are trained internally and by every medical device supplier you support. We are an extension of your team! 

Case support services consist of technical and clinical support for covering surgical cases including:

  • Attending clinical and technical training

  • Monitoring procedure schedule

  • Anticipate tray and instrument needs

  • Actively communicate supplier challenges

  • Fill out the necessary paperwork

  • Send to supplier rep and request restocks

The simplOR internal training program includes:

  • Operating room protocol
  • Manufacturer communications
  • Inventory management
  • Technical aspects of a case
  • Human anatomy

Common Questions

Can you support all procedural areas - what procedures can you manage?

In a short answer - yes, anywhere where you could train a specialist to assume the responsibilities of a supplier, we can take this on. Our site visit would help us to evaluate the current processes and challenges, vendor involvement, products utilized, and risks associated. Typically, we service surgical cases for orthopedic and spine procedures. 

Who manages cases for a complex and/or revisions:

Sales representatives can still participate in complex surgical procedures at the request of the surgeon and/or OR team. Beyond supporting in the education and training of simplOR and health system representatives, they can be specifically requested for additional support from to aid in the success of a specific procedure.

What about our surgeons and their relationships with their reps? How do we support the surgeons who say they want their representatives?

Our approach begins by initiating a positive relationship with both the surgeons and their reps. Reps view our team as an extension of their team (mandated by the hospital) to perform the materials management work on behalf of the rep and supplier. As we build rapport with the reps and the surgeon, both parties realize the benefits we bring to each case, subsequently asking us to become more involved in the case coverage. 

How do you get your specialists to perform the same function that the reps do?

When partnering with a health system that begins to utilize simplOR, their supply chain and the credentialing department will alert the reps and suppliers on the change in the workflow for covered cases. This mandate will require the representative to add our services to their list of credentials, ensuring that the materials management and case coverage are included in their credentials, allowing the case to proceed. Suppliers then train and certify our specialists to support their products in the hospital. 

What OR and surgical case challenges can simplOR help you solve?

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