Gain control of implants and instruments coming in and out of your OR and storage areas

simplOR offers a customizable OR solution for health systems to standardize inventory services and create cost savings for surgical procedures. 

We help you manage multiple supplier product lines in place of medical device sales representatives in order to gain visibility and control. By separating sales from service within clinical areas, healthcare providers can realize significant advantages. A win-win for everybody! Including your patients.

Less Foot Traffic

Inventory Optimization

Improved OR Service Delivery

Better Support

Our Services

The level of complexity in inventory management and clinical support varies from facility to facility and from case to case.

Implant & Instrument Inventory Management

Streamline and standardize your inventory to increase efficiency in the OR and optimize instrumentation.

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Case Support

Trained, on-site clinical support for surgeons and medical device suppliers during surgical cases. 

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How it Works

A custom service plan is developed after understanding your unique inventory and OR challenges.

Single Point of Contact

SimplOR interfaces with suppliers directly to become the unified point of contact between all medical device suppliers and providers.

Process Standardization

SimplOR maps all the divergent processes in the hospital/ASC supply chain, redesigns them towards standardization through the use of software technology.

On-site Execution

SimplOR deploys a dedicated team of trained clinical specialists on-site, to handle inventory management, case support, software technology implementation, and eventually direct procurement.

Common Questions

Can you support all procedural areas - what procedures can you manage?

Yes, anywhere where you could train a specialist to assume the responsibilities of a supplier, we can take this on. Our site visit would help us to evaluate the current processes and challenges, vendor involvement, products utilized, and risks associated. Typically, we service surgical cases for orthopedic and spine procedures.

Who owns the implants, instrument sets, and manages all?

SimplOR manages the inventory, trays, and instrumentation - we handle it all. Your medical device suppliers own everything just as it is today.

How do you get your specialists to perform the same function that the reps do?

When your health system or ASC begins to utilize simplOR, your supply chain and the credentialing department will alert the reps and suppliers on the change in the workflow for covered cases. This mandate will require the representative to add our services to their list of credentials, ensuring that the materials management and case coverage are included in their credentials, allowing the case to proceed. Suppliers then train and certify our clinical specialists to support their products in the hospital or ASC.

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Gain control of suppliers and products coming in and out of your OR and storage areas. 

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