Improve efficiencies and accuracies by regaining control of how inventory is managed throughout your facility.

With hospitals interfacing with so many different vendors for surgical case supplies, its critical to understand and manage how implants and instruments move into, within, and out of the facility.

simplOR has been working alongside hospitals for over five years, helping to standardize a way to communicate information, streamline the supply chain and optimize inventory storage. We help ensure implants and instruments for your surgical cases are on time, every time.

Additionally, hospital resources are limited, and space is a premium. Too often, hospitals allocate a large percentage of their storage space for vendor-owned inventory. At the same time, your staff needs all of the supplies necessary to provide the best outcomes, it's also important to maximize the utilization of important storage areas.

We work with your staff to help determine what is necessary to keep in storage areas, sterile processing areas, and ORs. We research, coordinate, and implement a plan to ensure the best use of spaces of your facility.

Inventory Optimization

simplOR’s inventory optimization process works to accurately distribute inventory across your supply chain, evaluate levels of volatility, and reduce waste through an ideal product flow.

When the initial evaluation is complete, you’ll have a better understanding of what your optimal safety stock levels are, and be able to improve service to your surgical team.

Inventory optimization is the product of proper inventory management. Through this, your facility will see:   

Reduction of consigned items

Increased utilization of space

Reduced workload for sterile processing department

Functions our team can handle to create a standardized inventory process.

We manage the communication and movement of inventory at your facility.

Pre case:

Case postings communicated to the vendor

Confirm what instruments and implants are needed with vendors

Verify shipment of vendor inventory

Receive trays at the facility

Confirm instrument and implant accuracy with the vendor

Deliver instrument and implant sets to the sterile processing department

Ensure trays are delivered to the OR in time for surgery

Post case:

Tray(s) are taken to the sterile processing

Trays are restocked and reset for the next case

Trays are shipped out from the facility

How we do it

simplOR offers people and technology that work alongside your staff to manage the coordination and movement of vendor-supplied implants and instruments, giving your staff greater visualization and control of what is coming in and out of your facility.

Our program is customizable, so you don’t have to get rid of your existing platforms or processes - we can make it work - our team and technology work with how you currently manage your facility. The result is having tools and procedures in place to help you increase communication, establish consistent standards, and realize greater efficiencies.

Quality Control

When it comes to quality control, we offer on-site supervision to ensure projects are on track to meet your goals.

a) Process Quality looks at what is used to determine project deliverables and craft project management plans.

b) Service Quality examines project deliverables and confirms whether or not they meet standards put forth by your team, facility, staff, surgeons, and partners.

All in all, simplOR not only manages the materials, but we work with the surgical team to create the process for the pending procedure and provide any software needed to succeed.

simplOR can help you streamline clinical support, creating a more efficient OR

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