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Streamline and standardize your inventory management to increase efficiency in the OR and optimize instrumentation.

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Gain control of products moving in and out of your healthcare facility, OR and storage areas.

Implant Device, Surgical Instrumentation and Storage Management

Do your OR and storage areas feel cluttered, chaotic and uncoordinated? With medical device suppliers coming in and out of your healthcare facility, it can be difficult to standardize information, inventory, instruments and storage areas. 

simplOR addresses challenges such as low product availability, inefficient storage availability, poor communication with sales reps, limited ability to standardize process, and more. 

We provide on-site, trained supply chain professionals and inventory management software to achieve your OR service delivery goals. 

Inventory management services include the beginning of the surgical case posting, all the way through the life-cycle of implants and instrumentation for each case including:

Pre Case:

  • Coordinate the ordering of supplier implants and instruments

  • Receive trays at the facility

  • Barcode trays for accurate tracking

  • Move trays to the sterilization department

  • Manage paperwork
  • Ensure everything is ready for the start of the case
  • Verify product usage and coordinate replenishment

Post Case:

  • Restock or return used trays
  • Handle loaner trays to ensure proper return

  • Maintain stock inventory when applicable

  • Document tray and consumables usage with photos

  • Provide metrics to determine adequate storage

Customized inventory management plans 

Better support with on-site staff

Improved procurement efficiency 

Significant savings opportunities 

Common Questions

Are there any costs to the hospital, and if so, what are they and how are they determined?

There is no service fee to the hospital. Our fee schedule applies only to suppliers whose products we support. We perform the same services a sales rep does, at a fraction of the supplier's cost, while reducing sales bias in the clinical setting. We traditionally have a one-time implementation fee to help cover our program development. 

How do you contract with medical device suppliers?

We work with your existing suppliers to transition the management of their inventory in your facility.Through your vendor credentialing program,  your organization initiates communication with suppliers who then sign simplOR's service agreement (We work with all vendor credentialing companies and ensure that we are in compliance).This agreement initiates how simplOR becomes the contracted entity to manage supplier inventory in partnership with your health system. From there, suppliers simply sign-up on our website and choose a plan that works best for them.

How does the health system realize savings on overall implant costs?

Your organization has the leadership and flexibility to negotiate implant prices, either in-house or with their GPO. A firm understanding how simplOR reduces the cost or representation for suppliers will provide the hospital leverage to renegotiate PPI contracts with their suppliers of choice. 

What do medical device suppliers think of this program? Do they want to participate in the program?

simplOR enhances the relationship between the health system and their suppliers by ensuring service excellence which is a vital priority for each surgical procedure we support. We become an extension of their team and for the health systems by which a team of highly trained individuals satisfies both parties' needs. A supplier has no incentive to reduce the cost of their products, but rather increase the price. By changing how the products are managed by the hospital, the supplier will realize savings on their cost of representation. As a result, this lower cost service model encourages suppliers to reduce the cost to the health system of the traditionally expensive sales rep, potentially reducing the supplier's cost by up to 70%.

What inventory challenges can simplOR help you solve?

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