Our Story 

The Story Behind simplOR (simplor)

After witnessing hospitals and surgery centers struggle with logistical inefficiencies in the OR and storage areas, simplOR's founders developed a solution fit for hospitals, surgery centers and medical device suppliers.

simplOR provides healthcare facilities and medical device suppliers the leverage to reduce costs, while standardizing implant inventory and improving efficiencies for surgical procedures. Through standardized processes, we centralize case coverage and inventory management using trained support and software technology.

By separating sales from service, simplOR's solution allows healthcare providers and medical device suppliers to focus on what truly matters- patient health and safety.

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Why simplOR?

simplOR is challenging the status quo. We deliver results to the unique challenges and needs of our clients through custom solutions. With nearly 45 years of industry experience, we have built a solution that takes the OR supply chain from chaotic to efficient. Whether a health system, surgery center or medical device supplier, you are choosing a trusted, long-term partner who will make a profound difference.

Less Foot Traffic

Reduce unnecessary foot traffic and risk for infection with a single team to manage all medical device supplier implants.

Inventory Optimization 

Improved procurement efficiency through inventory and medical device supplier optimization.

Improved OR Service Delivery

Enhanced inventory stocking and case support resulting in less surgical case delays and/or cancellations.

Better Support

Ensure you get the products and clinical support you need for each case without product bias, constant turnover, or sales incentives.

Our Values


Continuously innovating and improving


A trusted resource and partner


Confidence in the future of healthcare


Responsible for our actions, words and results


Driven by clarity and simplicity


To innovate the delivery of surgical services by continuously improving and enhancing the quality of OR systems and processes.    


To be recognized as a trusted OR resource and partner for healthcare systems, surgery centers, medical device suppliers, and manufacturers.  


To Impact the health of healthcare through novel concepts and strategies. 

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